Forthcoming Members' Workshops

Seeking meaningful inspiration and instruction in the form of a photography workshop? We encourage you to peruse our Members’ Workshops.

Custom Alternative Process Workshops

Dublin, NH: Summer and Fall 2017

with Christopher James

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Custom Alternative Process Workshops with Christopher James will provide a private and personalized workshop experience in alternative process image-making for 1 to 3 persons in his Dublin based studio. The workshops are flexible, lasting as many days as you wish and covering the materials and processes that are of specific interest to you. They are designed to be compatible with your level of knowledge whether starting from the very beginning with simple iron and salt processes, creating digital negatives for contact printing, or advanced work focused on portfolio building in a variety of processes including wet plate collodion, albumen, gum bichromate, ziatype, platinum/palladium, kallitype and more. Tuition: $500/day

Wet Plate Advanced

Johnson City, TX: September 30-October 1, 2017

with S. Gayle Stevens
A Smith Gallery

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Wet Plate Advanced with S. Gayle Stevens at A Smith Gallery will be tailored to each participants needs and wants. Large format tintypes, combining photograms and photographs, Cliche Verre photograms, and mixing chemicals are among the topics covered in addition to working in a series. Tuition: $400

Photo Encaustic

Online: October 2–November 10, 2017

with Clare O'Neill

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Photo Encaustic with Clare O'Neill will introduce you to the basics of photo encaustic and hone your signature style, allowing you to create stunning pieces of art. In this online program, you will develop your skills and expand your vision for working with hot beeswax, photographs and pigments. Tuition: $297

Cameras Don't Take Pictures

Mexico: October 4-9, 2017

with Reid Callanan
Santa Fe Photographic Workshops, San Miguel

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Cameras Don't Take Pictures with Reid Callanan will take you to the captivating and inspiring city of San Miguel de Allende, where you will learn to discover your "voice" in photography. You will make the leap from taking pictures to making and creating images that express the way you view the world and feel about your life. In this special setting, you will be guided on a joyful week of creativity and exploration, allowing you to fully realize and embrace the power of the image. Tuition: $3395

Magical Morocco, A Photographic and Cultural Adventure

Morocco: October 8-21, 2017

with Karen Schulman

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Magical Morocco, A Photographic and Cultural Adventure with Karen Schulman will take you on an unforgettable journey across Morocco—combining the history and natural beauty of this rich and fascinating country with first-person encounters. You will visit native villages, ancient medinas and craftsmen’s workshops, sharing experiences and sipping mint tea, symbolic of the warm, sincere Moroccan generosity. This tour will also take you into the Sahara; introduce you to vibrant Marrakech and ancient Fes; offer artisan visits and much more. iPhoneography instruction will be offered as well. Tuition: $3895 (you may extend your tour with an Essaouira Pre-Trip from October 6-9 for an additional $995)

Cyanotype Process: Printing Blue and Beyond

Mill Valley, CA: October 13-15, 2017

with Max Kellenberger and Niniane Kelley
The Image Flow

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Cyanotype Process: Printing Blue and Beyond with Max Kellenberger and Niniane Kelley will help you create beautiful prints with deeper blues and a longer tonal range using the modern cyanotype process. Also, you will experiment with different methods of toning and bleaching to alter the color and mood of your final prints. Tuition: $750

Encaustic Basics

Johnson City, TX: October 14, 2017

with Amanda Smith and Kevin Tully
A Smith Gallery

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Encaustic Basics with Amanda Smith and Kevin Tully at A Smith Gallery will offer an introduction to the encaustic process. Encaustic in its most basic interpretation means hot melted wax applied to an absorbent surface. This workshop will cover the history of encaustic and view examples of work, preparing digital images for printing, preparation of boards, application of encaustic and care of encaustic art. Tuition: $175

More Encaustic

Johnson City, TX: October 15, 2017

with Amanda Smith and Kevin Tully
A Smith Gallery

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More Encaustic with Amanda Smith and Kevin Tully at A Smith Gallery will explore the more conceptual and creative aspects of working in this medium. This workshop will cover incising in the wax with various tools, handcoloring with color pigment, image transfer onto the wax with inkjet copies and graphite paper, layering of images with tissue paper on boards, finishing the sides of the boards and proper hanging techniques. Tuition: $175

Under the Light of Tuscany

Tuscany, Italy: October 14-22, 2017

with Craig Varjabedian
Eloquent Light Photography Workshops

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Under the Light of Tuscany with Craig Varjabedian from Eloquent Light Photography Workshops will lead you on an enchanting journey with unique photographic opportunities. You'll amaze yourself with the lifelong memories and images you create as you unleash your potential in this intimate group setting. We will work with you closely photographing the people and places that make Tuscany so extraordinary. No matter what your level of photographic skill, you will find something to enrich your experience and take you further on your photographic journey. Tuition: $4995

Autumn in New Mexico

Santa Fe, NM: October 24-27, 2017

with Craig Varjabedian
Eloquent Light Photography Workshops

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Autumn in New Mexico with Craig Varjabedian from Eloquent Light Photography Workshops will take you to locations to photograph that are within easy reach, where you will receive one-on-one instruction in the field regarding technical and aesthetic issues. You will learn to make pictures of the amazing colors, textures, light and shadows of this enchanted land. Discussions about your photographs and the many aspects of digital photography will be held in Craig’s working studio in Santa Fe. Tuition: $950

On the Road: Photographing the American Southwest

NM + UT: November 6-12, 2017

with Craig Varjabedian
Eloquent Light Photography Workshops

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On the Road: Photographing the American Southwest with Craig Varjabedian from Eloquent Light Photography Workshops will introduce you to intricate and sensuous rock formations created by aeons of erosion by wind and water. The ever changing patterns of light and shadow dance through twisted, secret places. The mesmerizing light provides opportunities to take exhilarating photographs of the American Southwest’s iconic landscapes of Monument Valley, Canyon de Chelly and the Antelope Slot Canyon. We will be working with Navajo guides at these magnificent locations to explore areas of the canyons normally off-limits. Our guides will share their knowledge of the best times of day to capture magical, mythical images of these ancient landscapes and rock formations. Tuition: $3495

Texas Fall Color

Kerrville, TX: November 16-19, 2017

with Alan Montgomery
Woodallen Photography

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Texas Fall Color with Alan Montgomery from Woodallen Photography will explore the Lost Maples as well as private land along the banks of the Guadalupe River among giant cypress trees and crystal clear running water, offering a variety of photographic experiences before sunrise and throughout the day. Tuition: $400

Heart and Soul of Cuba, a Photographic and Cultural Adventure

Cuba: January 17-26, 2018

with Karen and Joel Schulman

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Heart and Soul of Cuba, a Photographic and Cultural Adventure with Karen and Joel Schulman is designed for you to learn about the history and culture of this eclectic island nation, while you have endless opportunities to create memorable photographic images. We’ll photograph the warm and friendly Cuban people, incredible architecture, colorful mid-century autos, landscapes, seascapes and more while we travel from Santa Clara to Trinidad, Bay of Pigs, the Viñales countryside and on to Havana. Karen and Joel will share ideas and knowledge to help you create great travel photographs, whether you are using a DSLR or an iPhone! Tuition: $4995

West Texas and Big Bend National Park

Fort Davis to Terlingua, TX: January 19-24, 2018

with Nick Quinn, Alan Montgomery and Mike Marvins

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West Texas and Big Bend National Parkwith Nick Quinn, Alan Montgomery and Mike Marvins will explore the West Texas outdoors from the sand dunes of Monahan Sandhills State Park to Fort Davis State & National Parks to McDonald Observatory for their coveted star party and then on to Big Bend National Park. Enjoy one-on-one instruction with your photography as well as professional help with your Photoshop & Lightroom techniques to take your images from good to great! We start early every morning for sunrise and several nights work until late to do star photography. Tuition: $1400

Master Class–The Photo Montage

Johnson City, TX: February 24-25, 2018

with Fran Forman
A Smith Gallery

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Master Class—The Photo Montage with Fran Forman will introduce you to the tools of Photoshop to create composited images from your own found, taken, and scanned images. Since you have mastered many of the technical issues, we will now address what makes the image work as a piece of art. To create a sense of magic realism or the possibility of a new reality, we will see how the disparate elements meld seamlessly. We will consider masking, edge treatments, color space, shadows and highlights, texture, perspective, depth of field, harmony, symmetry, and of course composition and narrative, all in the service of creating a cohesive image. Tuition: $425

The Colors and Contrasts of Cuba

Cuba: March 9-18, 2018

with Randy Ziegler

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The Colors and Contrasts of Cuba with Randy Ziegler is a one-of-a-kind travel adventure to Cuba through a licensed ‘People to People’ Program, which includes daily activities immersing you in to the heart and soul of this intriguing and colorful country.  The focus of the tour is cultural and historical in nature, while providing a plethora of dramatic photographic opportunities each day. From the indefinable magic of old Havana with its vintage cars, to the colorful colonial town of Trinidad, and the contemplative countryside of the Pinar del Rio and Zapata Provinces, this and more awaits to enlighten your senses and via for your camera’s attention. Tuition: $4895

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