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  • Ansel

    Blog Author Richard Newman

    We all know him for his photographs, but Ansel Adams was also a teacher, mentor and writer of the highest order.

  • Unfinished Business: True Confessions of a Bibliophile

    Blog Author David Gremp

    Without any real incentive or motivation other than my own initiative (and guilt) and without any responsibilities other than my own personal gratification, I’ve trudged through hundreds upon hundreds of books—mostly fiction—and finished them all . . . with the exception of 5 books . . .

  • What are you Reading?

    Blog Author Richard Newman

    Reading has always been really important to me. I genuinely enjoy crawling into a book and letting the world go by around me. At one time, when I was traveling extensively, I read over 200 books in one year.

  • Don't Take My Picture

    Blog Author Richard Newman

    Whenever I had to take a group portrait where there was a photographer in the shot, that person always made the most fuss about it.

  • ​Forget-Me-Nots

    Blog Author David Gremp

    Notes on the Charles A. Swedlund Daguerreotype Collection: I was fortunate to have studied photography with Charles Swedlund during the mid-70s. In addition to being a gifted, creative photographer and passionate educator, he had accumulated a massive private collection of virtually every conceived photographic process and shared it freely with us all.

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