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  • Because You Love It

    Blog Author Richard Newman

    We’ve been writing in this blog lately about books and how the written word works with photographs. Let’s take it to the next level and talk about a few different aspects of self-publishing.

  • Cleaning Out The Cobwebs

    Blog Author David Gremp

    I just turned 69 years old and have decided to create a website. And, I have to ask myself 2 questions: “What took me so long?” and “Why bother?”

  • August 2017

    Blog Author Richard Newman

    The month started with torches, hate and heartbreak. We looked hard at ourselves and we saw division. Then, nature took over. In one week we saw the sky turn to night in the middle of the day. Next the sky opened like never before. What’s the connection?

  • Contact Sheet

    Blog Author David Gremp & Richard Newman

    Contact Sheet ties us together as a community because it puts the work of the membership physically in front of us. There is no waiting for an Internet connection or the solar cells to feed the batteries enough to power up the computer. It’s there in front of us and it demands our engagement.

  • Well, That's Done!

    Blog Author Richard Newman

    I feel that in any artist’s early development there is a period when outright copying and imitating the work of a hero is fair game. But, when it comes time to create our own body of work, it is important to know when a piece of art is done.

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