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  • Does Failure Equal the Trash Can?

    Blog Author Richard Newman

    Use your ideas as building blocks for future work.

  • How Important is One Photograph?

    Blog Author Richard Newman

    Just how important is one photograph? Can you think of a single photograph that changed your world?

  • Sharing Your Work

    Blog Author Richard Newman

    Learn the importance and rewards of sharing your work.

  • Find A Photographic Landscape!

    Blog Author Richard Newman

    Beyond the technical aspects of how your camera works, how does your camera see and how does it affect your photography? I remember the day very early in my career when I realized the way my eyes saw the world and that I could allow my ideas to be manipulated by the camera, lenses and post processing. That’s the day I started pictures rather than just pictures.

  • Noticing Along the Way, See Something…Photograph It

    Blog Author Richard Newman

    Working toward being a creative photographer is full of bumps in the road. We're discussing the practice of noticing and then taking action to make your photos more successful.

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