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  • Commitment or Committed

    Blog Author Richard Newman

    When confronted with a situation where I am forced to support something I don’t believe in, there can and will be trouble.

  • I’m NOT Letting Go of This. . .

    Blog Author Richard Newman

    Just like last month, I’m seeking the right word to describe myself and my friends who make pictures.

  • Who or What is a Photographer?

    Blog Author Richard Newman

    Who or what is a photographer in today’s world? Do you have to have a camera to take a photograph? Don’t cell phones take nice photographs? Is anyone with a cell phone a photographer?

  • Last Rites: Rights & Wrongs

    Blog Author David Gremp

    I know it’s a discomforting thought, but we’re all going to die eventually. The good news is, if you’re reading this, you’ve still got time to consider “What’s going to happen to my images after I’m gone?” 

  • Changing Gears

    Blog Author David Gremp

    I spent my first 30+ years in photography taking pictures almost exclusively of people, mostly environmental portraits. And then one day a few years ago . . . I happened to notice a variety of older cars, mostly “classics” from the 50s and 60s . . .

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