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  • Decisive Moment, Decisive Edit

    Blog Author Richard Newman

    Imagine the photographer waiting for all the elements of the composition to come together and then—at the exact moment—pressing the shutter. Times have definitely changed.

  • Your Photographic History

    Blog Author Richard Newman

    Photography began as a science, practiced only by scientists. Then came the progressive/obsessive artist. When art got ahold of photography, the world opened up its eyes.

  • Endurance

    Blog Author Richard Newman

    Learn how to believe in yourself when you tackle a project or a subject that appears to be too much . . .

  • New Year's Resolution

    Blog Author Richard Newman

    Every year we make New Year's resolutions, but how many of them do we keep?

  • Practicing Gratitude in Photography

    Blog Author Richard Newman

    Learn to practice gratitude as it applies to image making.

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