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TPS Members' Print Exchange

The 2016 Members' Print Exchange has concluded. Please look for information regarding this year's exchange during summer 2017.

This is an excellent opportunity to acquire exhibition quality photographic work from your talented fellow TPS members. Current members of TPS are eligible to participate in this year's exchange for a small re-shipping fee of only $12. This could be a great holiday gift idea—for a family member, photo-loving friend or yourself!

The photograph must be your original image, printed with archival materials and professional in presentation. When window-matting prints, please use archival white mats that are at least 4-ply (color mats are not acceptable). Face mounted prints or alternative presentation formats are permitted, if approved in advance. Framing is not necessary, and print size is to be determined by the artist (in the past, we have received work from 4" x 5" platinum prints to 20" x 24" digital prints).

TPS will act as the exchange point between TPS members contributing work to this program. Each print will be randomly reassigned and shipped by TPS to its new owner by November 15, 2016. Shipping materials will not be returned, so package your work accordingly (no packing “peanuts” please). An easy and affordable solution to packaging: secure your print between 2 pieces of foamcore (or thick cardboard) that is at least 2" larger than the mat on all sides, then tape along all edges of the foamcore/cardboard (it is also helpful to place your work in a plastic sleeve to protect it against water damage during shipment). Austin photographers may make arrangements to deliver work by hand, but shipping materials must still be provided. Although TPS will handle all work with the utmost care, TPS cannot be held responsible for damage incurred during shipping.

If you wish to participate, simply prepare and package your work according to the specified guidelines above and ship or hand-deliver it to the address below. Work must be received after September 8 and before October 1, 2016, to be eligible for participation. Please don’t forget to include your $12 check (payable to Texas Photographic Society). Or, keep it simple and pay online in advance using the button below and include a hard copy of your PayPal receipt with your shipped work. Then, wait for your surprise package to arrive by November 15, 2016, and give the gift of art this holiday season!

Shipping Address
Lemuel Johnson
c/o TPS Members’ Print Exchange
11913 Hornsby Street
Austin, TX 78753 

Online Payment
You may make payment online by selecting the button below. Please include a hard copy of your PayPal receipt with your shipped work.

Please email or call Lemuel Johnson directly ( or 512-837-3906).

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