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National Events & News > Workshops

A listing of national and international photography workshops

Workshops of interest to TPS members

This listing of photographic workshops everywhere is provided as a resource for Photographers

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Bid Bend
2015 Big Bend Photography Workshop
with Mike Marvins and Alan Montgomery
January 11-17, 2015

The week long workshop days will be filled with photography field trips, Photoshop help, image critiques as well as practical knowledge and just plain fun. Unlike some hi profile workshops we keep our groups small and do not leave you to “assistants'. All types of cameras are welcome from cell phones, point and shoots, high end DSLR’s. The workshop is only $1150 plus lodging and meals. The workshop is limited to 20 people and a $250 deposit is required to hold your spot. All five previous workshops have sold out so reserve soon!
Please contact Alan at 713-526-1747 or for questions and to register. See and click on WORKSHOPS for more info and lots of pictures.

Johnson City
Acheiving Your Vision Through Digital Printing with David Robert Farmerie
In collaboration with Hahnemuhle FineArt and Texas Photographic Society
at A. Smith Gallery, September 13, 9a-12p

For most photographers, the final print is the culmination of their creative expression ­ the final translation of their creative thought.
Working full­time, as a professional photographer, for the past 38 years, I can say, with great assuredness, that there is nothing more disappointing than a final print that doesn't match up to the image you created in the camera.
That's why this workshop is essential for anyone wanting to achieve outstanding results ­ consistently.
With the perfection in today's digital editing, and digital printing, technologies, great prints are easier to achieve than ever before. However, a mastery of a few basic essentials is critical.
In this comprehensive workshop, David will walk you through the labyrinth of these essentials, demystifying the confusion. In addition, keep the information simple, and easily digestible. No confusing charts and graphs. Just solid, pertinent, knowledge.
This seminar will give you a comprehensive understanding of: * How to set up your physical workspace with a list of Do's and Don'ts
* File Formats: Jpeg vs. PSD, vs. TIFF
* Understanding Color Spaces: rgb, cmyk, profoto
* Monitor Calibration
* Interpolation
* Acquiring, and Installing, ICC Profiles
* Custom Profiles
* Soft Proofing
* Ink Jet vs. Archival Pigment
* An introduction into the importance of paper choices *Sending a print to your printer, or outsourcing the file
Note: All paid participants will receive a sample packs of Hahnemuhle Fine Art Paper, free of charge. In addition, a drawing will be held at the end of the presentation. One participant will win their choice of a 13x19 inch box of Hahnemühle FineArt Paper. Read the David Farmerie blog!

Becoming a Fine Art Photographer: An Introduction with David Robert Farmerie
Underwritten by Hahnemuhle FineArt
At A. Smith Gallery, September 13, 1p - 3p

A portfolio review is one of the essentials to gaining powerful insights into your work, and into your direction as a photographer - and an artist. Entering the realm of a Fine Art Photographer takes a comprehensive understanding of the rules. Just like learning the language of a foreign land, and the customs of a foreign culture, one must view the world of fine art, and high art, with the same deliberation.

This two-hour seminar will give you a comprehensive understanding of this language, and this culture, enabling you with the knowledge of:

* Understanding the difference between Art, Fine Art, and High Art galleries.
* The Importance of Researching Your Market - and How To Do It Effectively.
* How to Approach Galleries and Museums - also What NOT To Do.
* How to Create a Professional Portfolio - both Online, and Printed.
* The Importance of the Printed Portfolio.
* How to Present Your Portfolio to a Gallerist, or Curator.
* The Importance of Building Relationships - and how to do so.
* How to Perceive, and Present, Yourself.
Workshop price also includes a Resources pdf.

Since space is very limited, appointments must be made in advance, by phone, and paid in full. No refunds are available for cancellation. Your time slot will be given to you at the time the appointment is made. Read the David Farmerie blog!

Encaustic Basics with Amanda Smith and Kevin Tully
A Smith Gallery, October 11, 2014, 9am to 4pm

Encaustic in its most basic interpretation means hot melted wax applied to an absorbent surface. The application of encaustic to digital pigment prints transcends the photographic process adding depth, luminescence and providing the opportunity for greater artistic expression. This workshop will cover the history of encaustic, preparing digital images for printing, preparation of boards, application of encaustic and dipping. For more information:

More Encaustic with Amanda Smith and Kevin Tully
A Smith Gallery, October 12, 2014, 9am to 4pm

The simple application of wax to photographs is miraculous in how it transforms the image. However, this can be just the beginning. Wax can be incised, carved, pigmented and be a vehicle for collage using an amazing amount of substances. In this class, we will explore the more conceptual and creative aspects of working in this medium. This workshop will cover incising, adding color pigment, image transfer methods and drawing on tissue paper and boards. For more information:

Fall Color in the Texas Hill Country 2014
with Alan Montgomery and Mike Marvins
November 21-23

Alan and Mike are both fourth generation pros who have been  travelling and photographing the Hill Country for years. Mike spends part of each year at his home near Kerrville. You can look forward  seeing new places and even ones you might know in a new and inspiring way. You’ll  learn and practice things that can improve your photography no matter what your personal style may be. Plus, lots of fun. Please contact Alan at or 713-526-1747 to reserve your space for this exciting weekend. The workshop is limited to 10 people so we can spend plenty of individual time with each person. The cost for the workshop is $300.00 plus your hotel and food.

San Antonio
The Albumen Print with Timothy H. McCoy
September 13-14, 2014

The Albumen Print at the Southwest School of Art with Timothy H. McCoy, a recognized artist from Georgia, whose career was inspired by photography workshops at the Southwest School of Art from 1984-1985, returns to teach you how to make albumen prints from cracking the eggs to floating the paper to developing and gold-toning the final print. In this intensive two-day class students will make evocative albumen prints, as was done in the 1850s. The process begins by cracking eggs, separating out the whites and beating them to obtain albumen solution. Paper will be coated by the albumen solution, and the "albumenized" paper is then floated on silver nitrate solution. This sensitized paper is exposed to UV light through an enlarged negative. The exposed paper is then developed and gold-toned. The result is stunning! Learn how to prepare digital images in Photoshop for the negative, which will then be made using a transparent material run through an inkjet printer. This will involve application of translation curves and soft proofing. Some darkroom experience is expected. Please register by Aug 29.
Tuition is $250. For more info, contact Southwest School of Art, 210.224.1848.

Southwest School of Arts and Crafts
Fall Photography Workshop Series

The SSA boasts an exceptional facility for teaching traditional and non-traditional imaging. Students receive a solid technical foundation in photography, combined with opportunities to learn innovative techniques, both historical and digital. Workshops vary from introdutcion to digital photography, history of photography, darkroom photography as well as studio rentals. For more information, visit the Southwest School of Arts & Crafts site.


Present Tense Lecture Series
October 23-26, 2014 at Lafayette Hotel in San Diego's North Park neighborhood

From artists pushing the boundaries of their materials to industry professionals examining the current state of photography, our Present Tense Lecture Series offers insight into the heart of what makes unique and passionate images. Join Medium this fall at the Lafayette Hotel as we bring you a diverse line up of engaging lectures and events for photographers, collectors, and fans of the medium itself!

Our 2014 lecture series kicks off with a Keynote Lecture by Duane Michals, followed by two days of presentations by some of the most influential figures in photography. All lectures take place at the historic Lafayette Hotel in the North Park neighborhood of San Diego. To register, cick here.

2014 Eye to Eye Portfolio Review
October 23-24, 2014

Photographers must register in advance for the 2014 Eye to Eye Portfolio Participants in the portfolio reviews receive eight 20 minute reviews with individual reviewers. These sessions offer photographers an opportunity to meet one on one with curators, photo editors, commercial reps, and galleries to share your work and begin new relationships. Photographers are advised to bring a selection of approximately 20 prints representing a tightly edited body of work. Participants in the Eye to Eye Portfolio Reviews gain valuable exposure to industry leaders, and often result in individual photographs being collected, exhibited or published. Individual appointments will be scheduled for each photographer once the review spaces have filled and registration has closed.


iPhone and iPad Artistry: The Next Step
with Dan Burkholder and Sante Fe Workshops
September 14-20, 2014

If you love Instagram and Hipstamatic but long for a more individualized look to your iPhone and iPad images, this is the class for you! We’ll explore adventurous capture and editing techniques, combined with exciting alternative printing methods. Leap beyond simple panoramas as you learn how to create stunning vistas with two-axis image stitching. Class size is limited to 15 persons.

New Mexico

Santa Fe Workshops
One of the truly valuable benefits of attending a workshop in Santa Fe is meeting and interacting with participants and instructors in other classes. You select one workshop to focus on, with the added benefit of all-community activities throughout the week that include instructor image presentations, roundtable discussions with questions and answers, technical presentations, and all-group meals.

White Sands Landscape Photography with Craig Varjabedian
Sponsored by Eloquent Light Photography
September 23-26, 2014

Eloquent Light Photography Workshops invites photographers from all over the world to experience the grandeur of White Sands National Monument. The dunes of White Sands stretch hundreds of miles of Southern New Mexico desert, their gypsum fields glistening in the enchanted light. Participants will explore the state's legendary allure, from the rhythm of rolling sand dunes to the stark dichotomy of earth and sky. White Sands is a national treasure and Eloquent Light is pleased to share its magnificence with our participants.

Award winning photographer Craig Varjabedian will lead the workshop, sharing his twenty-five years experience with the medium and providing hands-on guidance to each student. The workshops based in Alamogordo, New Mexico, where we will spend four days creatively exploring White Sands. To learn more about this workshop and the Eloquent Light Photography Workshops, please visit or call (505) 983-2934 to reserve your space.


Cameras Don't Take Pictures
with Reid Callanan and Santa Fe Workshops
October 19-24, 2014

Join Workshops director Reid Callanan in beautiful San Miguel as he guides you in making the shift from taking pictures to creating images that express how you view the world and feel about your live. San Miguel de Allende is the perfect place to embark on a personal adventure of discovery, because it offers a vibrant cultural environment with more than enough magic and spirit to be truly inspirational. Tuition includes double accommodations for 6 nights (single supplement available for an additional $480), breakfast Monday through Saturday, lunch Monday through Friday, dinner Sunday & Friday, and applicable model/location/materials fees.

Mundro Raro (Rare World)
with Keith Carter and Santa Fe Workshops
October 19-24

Photographing in a foreign country is an exhilarating, and often even life-changing, experience. Keith Carter has spent more than 25 years photographing in and around the lovely Mexican colonial town of San Miguel de Allende and he has found that not a day goes by in this charming pueblito without something to delight the eye, tantalize the senses, or expand the consciousness. San Miguel is the perfect catalyst for creating expressive portraits, landscapes, still lifes, or architectural images.Tuition includes double accommodations for 6 nights (single supplement available for an additional $480), breakfast Monday through Saturday, lunch Monday through Friday, dinner Sunday & Friday, and applicable model/location/materials fees. General Information for Workshops in San Miguel.

Day of the Dead Photography Workshop with Carol Watson
in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
October 30-November 4, 2014

Scheduling the workshop during Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) allows the participants to experience and capture one of the most colorful holidays in Mexico. With its narrow cobblestone streets, leafy courtyards, fine architectural details and sumptuous interiors, San Miguel de Allende is arguably the prettiest town in Mexico. The workshop includes accommodation in a beautiful casa in the historical center of the city. This workshop has a limit of 10 participants so register early!!! Click here for more information and to register.

Creative iPhone Photography: The Next Step
with Karen Divine and Santa Fe Workshops
November 2-7, 2014

Knowing the basics of iPhone compositing, let’s push ourselves further to express imagery that is both personal and transformative. Each day, Karen gives you exercises to enable you to quiet the mind and detach from your thoughts, move you out of your comfort zone, expand your perspectives, and establish a sense of playfulness. you will review work as a group each morning as well as working privately with me on personal projects. You will add Procreate for the iPad (optional but encouraged), and Leonardo for both the iPad and iPhone. Throughout it all, you will strive to develop the courage to ignore our inner critics and follow our own inspired visions. As you explore San Miguel we explore the process of letting go, allowing our creativity to reveal stories to us—all with our iPhones! Tuition includes double accommodations for 6 nights (single supplement available for an additional $480), breakfast Monday through Saturday, lunch Monday through Friday, dinner Sunday & Friday, and applicable model/location/materials fees.



Last updated: August 12, 2014

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