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National Events & News > Workshops

A listing of national and international photography workshops

Workshops of interest to TPS members

This listing of photographic workshops everywhere is provided as a resource for Photographers

> Texas > New Mexico > Greece
> Colorado > Utah > Morocco
> Maine > Bhutan > Phillipines
  > Bali  


Bay Area Houston Photography Meetup
Dion McInnis offers Second Saturday Seeing programs, and a variety of instructional workshops. He teaches skills while encouraging all photographic knowledge to be used to enhance one's ability to see and then create. Using concepts from his book, The Seeing, Not the Taking, he informs, inspires and then reviews work students create in the sessions. To register:

Johnson City
Wet Plate Holga Workshop with S. Gayle Stevens
@ A Smith Gallery. June 26, 2015. 10am-5pm.

Introductory wet plate workshop using a Holga plastic camera. Topics covered will be the wet plate process and its history, the chemistry used and recipes for the chemistry, demonstration of coating a plate, sensitizing, loading in camera, exposing, developing, fixing, finishing and scanning tintypes, and instructions on setting up a wet plate darkroom. Students will create tintype plates using a Holga plastic camera.
All chemicals and plates are provided, students need to provide a Holga plastic camera with a bulb setting and a cable release. Purchasing recommendations can be made.

Wet Plate Photogram Workshop with S. Gayle Stevens
@ A Smith Gallery. June 27, 2015. 10am-5pm

Introductory wet plate workshop. Topics covered will be the wet plate process and its history, the chemistry used and recipes for the chemistry, demonstration of coating a plate, sensitizing, exposing, developing, fixing, finishing and scanning tintypes, and instructions on setting up a wet plate darkroom. Students will create photograms with an enlarger and available light, creative collage and storytelling with photograms, plus a group project. Students will create tintypes and ambrotypes in this beginning class.
$200 tuition for each wet plate workshop includes all supplies except Holga camera ($50 discount if taking both Wet Plate Workshops). Limited to 12.
Please see Wet Plate Holga Workshop for registration or contact for more information.

Encaustic Basics with Amanda Smith and Kevin Tully
@ A Smith Gallery. June 28, 2015 and July 18, 2015. 9am-3pm (or later)

Encaustic in its most basic interpretation means hot melted wax applied to an absorbent surface. Encaustic is typically bees wax mixed with damar resin and pigments. It has been used as a painting medium since Greek and Roman times. It was used to decorate warships, marble statues and eventually as a fine art medium for painting portraits on wooden panels. Painting with encaustic has continued through the ages and has relatively recently been discovered by photographers. The application of encaustic to digital pigment prints transcends the photographic process adding depth, luminescence and providing the opportunity for greater artistic expression.
This workshop will cover:
History of encaustic and view examples of work
Preparing digital images for printing
Preparation of boards
Application of encaustic

More Encaustic with Amanda Smith and Kevin Tully
@ A Smith Gallery. June 29, 2015 and July 19, 2015. 9am-3pm (or later)

The simple application of wax to photographs is miraculous in how it transforms the image. However, this can be just the beginning. Wax can be incised, carved, pigmented and be a vehicle for collage using an amazing amount of substances. In this class, we will explore the more conceptual and creative aspects of working in this medium.
This workshop will cover:
Incising in the wax with various tools
Adding color pigment
Image transfer onto the wax with inkjet copies and graphite paper
Drawing on tissue paper and boards
Finishing the sides of the boards and proper hanging techniques

$150 tuition for each of the Encaustic workshops will cover supplies. Limited to 8. Please see Basic Encaustics or More Encaustics for registration or contact for more information.

San Antonio
Southwest School of Arts and Crafts
Fall Photography Workshop Series

The SSA boasts an exceptional facility for teaching traditional and non-traditional imaging. Students receive a solid technical foundation in photography, combined with opportunities to learn innovative techniques, both historical and digital. Workshops vary from introdutcion to digital photography, history of photography, darkroom photography as well as studio rentals. For more information, visit the Southwest School of Arts & Crafts site.


Photography and Personal Vision at Focus Ranch with Karen Schulman
Slater, Colorado on June 14-20, 2015

Join Karen Sschulman at Focus Ranch, a real working cattle ranch located on the western Colorado and Wyoming border in a section of the Northern Rocky Mountains about 50 miles northwest of Steamboat Springs. The ranch headquarters are nestled in the Upper Little Snake River Valley, surrounded by the peaks of the Sierra Madre Mountain range, providing incredible sunrises and sunsets.

This spectacular ranch location lends itself perfectly to the "focus" of our workshop, where we will become more aware of our unique way of seeing our world and ourselves. It will give us the opportunity to learn to express our unique vision more deeply.
In addition to the photography sessions, you'll enjoy delicious meals, comfortable lodging and opportunities to participate in various optional activities, including horseback riding, hiking and fishing. Karen's expertise includes use of digital cameras as well as various alternative photographic processes. She will offer her inspiration and guidance for those with all levels of photographic skill. Additionally, Karen will be offering OPTIONAL Creative iPhoneography sessions for participants with an iPhone or iPad. What fun!

New Mexico

Santa Fe Workshops
One of the truly valuable benefits of attending a workshop in Santa Fe is meeting and interacting with participants and instructors in other classes. You select one workshop to focus on, with the added benefit of all-community activities throughout the week that include instructor image presentations, roundtable discussions with questions and answers, technical presentations, and all-group meals.

Discover Eloquent Light! with Craig Varjabedian
2015 Workshop Offerings!

Eloquent Light Photography Workshops was founded in 1986 to provide exceptional educational photographic workshop experiences based on the history, character and beauty of the American West. Award winning photographer Craig Varjabedian offers hands-on learning in small groups, in the field and in the classroom.
Situated in Santa Fe, New Mexico, at the base of the Sangre de Cristo mountains, the Eloquent Light Photography Workshops offer one-on-one instruction and inspiration to aspiring photographers, serious amateur photographers, and photo enthusiasts. Eloquent Light also offers adventure workshops to the Grand Teton National Park, White Sands National Monument, the Antelope Slot Canyon and the California Coast and more.

Santa Fe & New Mexico: A Photographer's Land
August 10 - 13, 2015

Photographing the California Coast:from Monterey to Big Sur
October 4 - 9, 2015

The White Sands Landscape
October 26 - 29, 2015

Private Custom Photography Workshops upon request. Complete information is available online at or contact the studio at (505) 983-2934 or


Beautiful Bali with Karen Schulman
September 11-24, 2015

A tour to Bali is a remarkable experience, especially for the photographer, as everywhere one looks there is something new and astonishing to capture in your images. It is known for breathtaking natural splendor, rich cultural heritage, and profound spiritual mystique. We will penetrate beneath Bali's beautiful surface, which conceals treasures and pleasures known only to the Balinese and a handful of international devotees. As an inspiring place for anyone interested in the visual arts, the images and memories you bring back home are sure to be some of your best ever! iPhoneography instruction will be offered as I have a huge passion for creating with my iPhone and iPad. For complete itinerary and more travel details, visit


The Spirit of Bhutan with Karen Schulman and Strabo Tours
November 10-22, 2015

Karen Schulman is thrilled to have the opportunity to return to Bhutan with another photo tour group! You'll have opportunities to photograph some of Bhutan's most visually exciting places, including the famed Tiger's Nest monastery, the Shangri-La setting of the Paro Valley, the remote Wangdi Valley, the capital city of Thimphu, its thriving spiritual center abounding with numerous centuries old temples, shrines, and monasteries and the beautiful Bhutanese people. iPhoneography instruction will be offered as I have a huge passion for creating with my iPhone and iPad. For complete itinerary and more travel details, visit


Greece: Land of Beauty with Harvey Stein Photo Workshops
An exciting photographic journey to Athens and the beautiful Greek islands
May 9-18, 2015
A new photography workshop to Greece this May. The workshop will take us to Athens and to the Greek islands of Crete and Santorini, for ten days beginning May 9th. Ten days full of vibrant city and village scenes, friendly people, historical sites, landmarks and endless scenic beauty. Harvey Stein is offering this workshop with Margarita Mavromichalis, a native and resident of Athens. She has extensive knowledge of Greece, in addition to being a wonderful photographer and organizer.

Greece is truly a very historical and beautiful country, filled with great antiquities and welcoming, lovely people. We spend time in Athens, visiting and photographing the incredible hilltop complex of the Acropolis, perhaps the greatest ancient monument in the Western world, the new Acropolis Museum, the vibrant food and flea markets, the changing of the Presidential Guards in front of the Parliment building, the historic Plaka neighborhood, and an excursion to Cape Sounion for sunset photos over the sea. We then travel to Crete for three days and nights. Here we visit famous ruins, a museum for the native son, El Greco, and photograph the turbulent landscapes and interesting people of this island. Crete is the cradle of several civilizations, where Minoan, Cycladic, Classical, Roman, Byzantine, Arabic, Venetian and Turkish art and monuments co-exist today.
We then take a short ferry ride to Santorini, called the most perfect island in the world. Formed from a volcanic cone that erupted in the second millennium b.c., this island affords gorgeous views of the sea everywhere you look, small gem-like towns and villages very much worth exploring, and the excavations of the ruins of the prehistoric city of Akrotiri. There are sheer lava cliffs of the caldera to photograph, layered in varicolored rock with white houses overhead like a dusting of snow.

The workshop is limited to 12 people. The cost of the workshop is $3800. This includes tuition, hotel, (double occupancy; there are a limited number of single rooms available for a $600 single supplement), nine breakfasts, and two dinners, flights to Crete and from Santorini, and one ferry trip to Santorini from Crete. The fee does not include airfares and meals except where noted above. To register or if you have questions, please call Harvey at 212-316-9157 or email at learn more about harvey steina nd visit his website:


The Colors and Contrasts of Morroco with Randy Ziegler
March 5-17, 2016

Join Photo Tour Leader Randy Ziegler on a unique travel experience to photograph the enchanted countryside and culture of Morocco March 5-17, 2016.

This will be a color photographer's visual paradise given its diverse natural beauty, richly colored villages and markets. Some of the historic cities we will explore include Casablanca, Essaouira, Marrakech, Fes and the quaint "blue washed" town of Chefchaouen situated in the Rif mountains. This unique photo tour adventure will also include time in the Sahara desert to capture the pinks, reds and purples of the sunset and sunrise over the dunes. At first light, there will be a camel ride taking in the breathtaking Saharan morning. And of course, time to slow down the pace to savor those special Moroccan delights and sip the wonderful mint tea.

"Mark your calendars, get that new lens you have been wanting, and let's make a memorable photographic tour adventure together!" For more information on this 2016 Morocco photography tour just click on the following link: Morocco Photo Tour

Please note, this tour is limited to only 12 participants to allow for a more intimate and rewarding photographic experience. Whether you are a budding photographer or advanced shooter, Randy will be there every step of the way to encourage, guide, and inspire you to capture artful images in this magical region of Africa.
For more information on this photography adventure, just click on the following link: Morocco Photo Tour

Last updated: May 19, 2015

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