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Photography regional, national and international competitions

Member's Competitions
A listing of photographic opportunities.

Deadline: October 1, 2014
Eligibility: Open to All Photographers
Title: Far Away Places
Sponsor: Darkroom Gallery

For this exhibit, Darkroom Gallery is calling for images that deftly define locations all their own. Far away can easily be a close by locale, but reinterpreted in a way to feel exotic. From the far corners of your backyard to the far away country it takes weeks to traverse to, we want to see where you end up when you go "far away".

Travel the world and capture the many communities, landscapes and cityscapes that make up this planet. From barren deserts to icebergs floating in the sea the natural environs are numerous, then take into account the human societies continually evolving in these latitudes: from bustling metropolises to single room dwellings. And what of the anthropological side of things? How do the multitudes of communities forge their lives? What is the underlying current that makes each tick? The rituals that make up a culture's daily schedule defined by the colors, materials and textures: the sensual complexities of a community. Photography has been documenting this world, with it's melting pot of people and places, since the advent of the art-form. Travel photography allows us to go places and see sights without ever leaving the comfort of our own armchairs.

For more information and how to enter, click here.

Deadline: October 3, 2014
Eligibility: Open to All Photographers
Title: High and Dry: A Photographic Exhibition of People and Places of the World's Dry Lands
Sponsor: Texas Tech University

Photographers of all levels are invited to submit work reflecting the dry lands theme of this annual juried exhibition The choice of subject (be it animal, vegetable, or mineral) is up to the photographer, but the shot must have been taken in an arid or semiarid region. Approximately 75 images will be selected for exhibition and shown at the galleries of Texas Tech University's International Cultural Center from November 21, 2014 to January 16, 2015. Reception will be held on December 5, 2014 from 5p-7p. Awards are $600 for first place, $300 for second, and $150 for third.

Juror for "High and Dry" will be Jean Caslin (Vice President for TPS and Partner at Caslin Gregory & Associates, Houston). Entry fee: $6.00 per image, 5 image maximum

Click Here for Complete Details.

Deadline: October 5, 2014
Eligibility: Open to All Photographers
Title: The Perpetual Instant
Sponsor: New Orleans Photo Alliance

Every creative act is a sudden cessation of stupidity.' - Edwin Land

With the invention of instant photography the visual landscape took a giant leap forward. The photographer could now have a print of what was, just moments ago, a vague idea. To celebrate the instant photograph The New Orleans Photo Alliance, in partnership with Zeitgeist Theater, is seeking work created utilizing instant materials for an exhibition at the Zeitgeist Theatre gallery during December 2014 (PhotoNOLA 2014).

The juror is Grant Hamilton, director of TIME ZERO, a film about the demise of Polaroid and the resurgence of instant photography via The Impossible Project. During the run of the exhibition Zeitgeist will screen Mr. Hamilton's film and there will be a workshop showcasing the new Impossible Instant Lab.

For more information and how to enter, click here.

Deadline: October 6, 2014
Eligibility: Open to All Photographers
Title: Traces Left Behind: Evidence of Humanity
Sponsor: PhotoPlace Gallery

From an abandoned crumbling factory to a greasy pizza box left curbside, an Incan ruin, initials carved in a tree, a soiled pile of clothing waiting beneath an overpass… these objects and places that are evidence of our histories, the passage of time, and, ultimately, our mortality. 

We are very pleased that Matthew Christopher has agreed to jury this exhibition. Over the last decade Matthew has photographed the decay of American infrastructure and the dimming of the American dream. His has exhibited widely in the United States in solo He will choose 40 photographs for exhibition in the gallery, and an additional 35 for the gallery's Online Annex.  All 75 photographs will be reproduced in an exhibition catalog. 

Traces Left Behind will be exhibited at PhotoPlace Gallery from November 14 through December 13, 2014. Submission fee: $30 for five photographs, $7 for each additional photograph.

More information and to enter here.

Deadline: October 15, 2014
Eligibility: Open to All Photographers
Title: In Bloom
Sponsor: Center for Creative Connections

Autumn is around the corner so we need your help to make the Center for Creative Connections bloom. In conjunction with the Dallas Museum of Art’s upcoming exhibition Bouquets: French Still-Life Painting from Chardin to Matisse, submit your floral photos and videos to our Flickr Group, DMA In Bloom.  
You must first create your own personal Flickr account and feel free to submit multiple photos. It is their intention to include all images; however, the DMA staff reserves the right to omit submissions that are inappropriate in nature.

For more information and how to enter, click here.

Deadline: October 17, 2014
Eligibility: Open to All 3D and 2D Artists
Title: Call for Artwork: The People's Gallery
Sponsor: The People's Gallery, Austin, Texas

The City of Austin is proud to present the People's Gallery at City Hall. This free, annual exhibition is designed to showcase regional artists and to encourage public dialog, understanding, and enjoyment of visual art. An opening reception kicks-off the new exhibit each year in February and the exhibit remains on display for one year. You can vote for The People's Choice, an artwork that will be purchased from the artist (if available) and added to the City Hall permanent collection.

The City of Austin seeks 2- and 3- dimensional artworks in any medium by Austin-area visual artists, galleries, or visual arts organizations for the 2015 People's Gallery Exhibition, running February 27, 2015 - January 8, 2016. All artists must submit their application online at by October 17, 2014.

Deadline: October 19, 2014
Eligibility: Open to All Photographers
Title: Visual Storytelling Awards 2014
Sponsor: Lensculture

This is an international call to discover the best visual storytellers today — from all corners of the world! You are invited to enter in five categories of storytelling: Documentary, Photojournalism, Personal Stories, Fictional Narrative and an Open Category. Five Grand Prize Winners (one for each category) and 20 Finalists will be selected.

Lensculture competitions are designed to provide influential worldwide exposure for talented photographers: Selected winning photographers will have international screenings of their work presented at festivals, exhibitions, and events attracting hundreds of curators, collectors, publishers and photography professionals from around the world.
The extensive list of carefully selected LensCulture Insiders will be able to review the winners' work in a museum-quality printed catalog, as well as through direct access on LensCulture, where they can view all of the top-rated photographers.
Every day, selected entrants are chosen by LensCulture's editors for publication and recognition. We post these photos to our Competition Gallery and social media channels, reaching a global audience of over 700,000.

For more information on jurors and how to enter, click here.

Deadline: October 20, 2014
Eligibility: Open to All Photographers
Title: Kids (Not Cute)
Sponsor: Umbrella Arts in NYC

Conceived and juried by Harvey Stein, Director of Photography, Umbrella Arts; photographer, educator, author, curator

We want to see your photographs of KIDS (NOT CUTE). We define KIDS as any human being from the age of 5 to 12 years (yes, somewhat arbitrary but we have to start and end somewhere that is somewhat logical). Any format, any camera, any style is fine. We are seeking images of KIDS that are a bit unusual and out of the ordinary, not the conventionally cute and sentimental images that are often seen. The photographs can be amusing, interesting, sad, frank and biting. The tone can convey an appreciation for the joys and difficulties experienced by KIDS in the essentially absurd predicament of growing into an adult world. KIDS pictured in environments from home to zoo, from city streets to rural and suburban places, from the neighborhood to the ends of the earth, with or without their fellow man or KIDS are all sought.

The most interesting information comes from children, for they tell all they know and then stop. - Mark Twain

For more information and how to enter, click here.

Deadline: October 29, 2014
Eligibility: Open to all photographers
Title: Dreams and Hallucinations
Sponsor: Darkroom Gallery

Darkroom Gallery is calling for images that skirt your subterranean world; dreamlike scenes with nonsensical subjects and/or multi-layered meanings. From jubilant, ethereal dreams to dark hallucinations, the subconscious can guide us in making powerful works or art.
Juror: Russell Joslin.
Russell Joslin has been the Editor & Publisher of SHOTS Magazine the past fourteen years. SHOTS is an independent, reader-supported quarterly journal of fine art photography that reaches an international audience. Joslin is also the author of Black Forest: Four Visible Poems, due this November from Candela Books. Black Forestdemonstrates his distinct editing style, with a special emphasis on sequence and narrative tone.

In addition to his publishing background, Joslin has exhibited his photographs in many galleries and publications worldwide for some twenty years. Most recently, his photographs were featured in EYEMAZING (2012) and at the Ballarat International Foto Biennale (2013). Joslin lives and works in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

For more information and how to enter, click here.


Last updated: September 18, 2014

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